Ladies Ministry:
The Ladies Ministry at KCC is committed to joining all our ladies together as we serve our church and our community. We love to serve at events such as Hospice and children’s community events. We would love for you to join us!
Men’s Ministry:
Leaders working together to serve, to witness, and to bring people to Christ. We invite you to help us in sharing the Gospel with our community.
KCC Youth:
As our church grows, our youth is also growing! From two children, to as many as six some Sundays. We are looking to add classes for high schoolers. Great things are coming for our youth!
Worship Team:
The goal of our worship team is to encourage our members and help them express their love of the Lord through music and praise.
Prayer warriors:
The Prayer Warrior Team is made up of dedicated men and women that understand the importance of a strong prayer life. All team members are devoted to God and the congregation. They pray hard and often for the church and its individual members.
Young at Heart (KCC Seniors):
We are a fun group of Seniors that love the Lord. We want to share our faith, our experience, and our passion for Christ with you! We get together once a month for fun and fellowships as we go on exciting trips to different places in our community.